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fly fishing

The deadline for the early acceptance period is March 31, 2019. Campers selected for the early acceptance period will be notified before April 15. If any vacancies remain, there will be an extended application period until April 30, 2019. Campers accepted during the extended period will be notified before May 15, 2019. 

Students must have been born between June 21, 2001, and June 16, 2005.

Do not submit applications before November 1, 2018. Do not send money with the application. Payment is due after the candidate is notified of selection. Total cost for tuition, room and board is $550. 

The selection committee will choose up to 32 students based upon the application and expressed desire to attend camp.

fly fishing
fly fishing
fly fishing
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Camp is limited to boys and girls ages 14 to 17. Students must have been born between June 22, 2000 and June 17, 2004.
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