While at camp, our students will engage in a variety of activities including fly fishing, instruction both in the classroom and outdoors, fly tying, and building a habitat structure.  They will develop an understanding of what conservation is about while enjoying nature and fly fishing.  Our goal is to instill within the next generation a love for the outdoors while giving them the skills to protect our natural resources.



The purpose of the camp is to educate students in the importance of coldwater conservation.  Our graduates will be the leaders of their communities in years to come.  It is important for them to recognize the importance of clean water and how it relates to everyday living.  The curriculum has been structured to provide the foundation for that education.

Classes include principles of ecology, hydrogeology, wetlands, trout stream entomology, aquatic invertebrates, hydrology, watersheds, the biology of pollution, reptiles and amphibians, trout behavior, and riparian corridors.

Instructors lead streamside programs to collect aquatic invertebrates, review angling history, electro fishing, and conducting field identification of riparian corridors.  The Camp provides a balance of instructional material and hands-on learning.    


Fly Fishing

Of the many benefits that cold water conservation provides, the primary one enjoyed by students of the camp is fly fishing.  As the camp is located on the famous Yellow Breeches Creek in South Central Pennsylvania, the students have daily opportunities to try and fool these clever trout in a beautiful environment.

Students at the camp are privileged to have the opportunity to learn from experienced fly fishermen (and women!). Many of the instructors are professional fishing guides, casting instructors, and fly tyers.

Students can put into practice some of the many techniques that they will learn from the accomplished instructors.

On the stream the students will have men and women who fish the Yellow Breeches on a regular basis to work with them.  These “gillies” will help students catch fish and improve their angling skills.


Habitat Project

The students will also have the opportunity to participate in a conservation project to repair habitat in a stream. The project gives the students a chance to work as a team to build a structure that will have a positive impact on the stream for years to come. It is designed for the students to complete while they are at camp, so that they can observe firsthand the effects of their efforts.



Financial Aid

Many students are sponsored for their tuition. Several chapters of Trout Unlimited will sponsor students from their area to the camp, so your first priority should be to check with your local chapter. Other sportsman’s organizations will also frequently sponsor students.  If that is not available, be sure to indicate on your application that financial aid is needed.  We will make every effort to obtain other sources of funding.